Long term experience in organizing similar Workshops at an international level

Our executives have a long-standing experience in promoting Greek tourism and tourism products, as well as a continuous presence since 2004, in both European and Arab countries. They have also successfully collaborated with Enterprise Greece, with the Greek National Tourism Organization, with many public sector companies and with plenty of private businesses that still remain loyal customers.

In collaboration with the GNTO in Poland, Czech and Slovakia.

Το Workshop

Greek Alternative Tourism 2019

Your goals and success are always the driving force behind our actions. TOURISM MEDIA AND EVENTS is organizing the Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop in Poland, Warsaw, on the 29thof October, 2019. The selection of the Polish market was based on both the special dynamics of the Greek tourism product and the interest shown to it, as well as the high ambition of a significant number of Greek entrepreneurs that wish to penetrate in the tourism market of Poland.

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Greek Alternative Tourism 2019

In the direction of Greece’s new tourism growth plan: “Greece as a 365-days tourism destination” According to the new tourism growth plan by the Greek government for “Greece as a 365-days tourism destination”, as well as the connection of the tourism sector with the agro-food industry, TOURISM MEDIA AND EVENTS aims to promote the alternative tourism of Greece to the Polish travel agents, tour operators and entrepreneurs who wish to get to know the alternative tourism products of our country.

The Event

1st Greek Alternative Tourism in Warsaw 2019

The 1st Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop in Warsaw is addressed to Greek Private Companies and Public Sector Organizations which are interested to penetrate and reinforce their presence by promoting their products and services regarding alternative tourism, to international growing markets.

The Greek Alternative Tourism in Warsaw 2019 aims to enhance the Greek alternative tourism product with a great opening to international markets.

During the Workshop “1st Greek Alternative Tourism Workshop in Warsaw 2019”, the Greek delegates will meet up for 3-4 hours with the Polish travel agents and tour operators, in B2B meetings. In addition, at the same venue, 2-3 short speeches will take place in a specially formed podium.