Belgium: food lovers’ favorite destination

Online B2B meetings for Greek export companies will take place on the 25-27/11/2020 with representatives of the Belgian market

General Country Characteristics
  • Belgium is located in the heart of Western Europe.The country’s position is a key aspect of its economy and the capital, Brussels, is home to a large number of European and international organisations.The population of Belgium is 11,099,554 people (data 2018)The Brussels area has a population of 1.2 millionThe country’s position combined with world-class infrastructure and the stable production make Belgium one of the countries with the largest exposure to the international economy.
Consumer Standards *

The Belgian consumer and buyer seek high quality and competitive prices, which makes the Belgian market very competitive.

Areas of special interest for Greek companies *

Fresh and processed agricultural products, food and beverages

Product categories that have a special dynamic and prospects in the Belgian market are Greek fresh and processed agricultural products, food and beverages.

The total exports of these products are about €100 million and constitute about 25% of our total exports to Belgium.

Greek gastronomy products have great prospects in the Belgian market due to:

  1. The consolidation of the Mediterranean diet worldwide
  2. The steadily rising tourist flow of Belgians in Greece
  3. The existence of an important Greek expatriate (estimated at about 40 thousand)
  4. The presence of a large number of Greek restaurants throughout Belgium.
  5. The familiarity of Belgian public with the taste and the quality of the Greek products

According to 2018 data, the position of selected Greek products is as follows:

  • Olive oil in 10th place
  • Yogurt in 7th place
  • Wine in 7th place
  • Fish fillets in 10th place
  • Honey in 9th place
  • Meat in 6th place
  • Pickles in 8th place
  • Broths & soups in the 4th exhibition
  • Frozen vegetable preparations in 5th place
  • Frozen fish in 10th place
  • Ouzo in 8th place

A particularly growing market in Belgium is organic products, which is growing in double digits.

The Greek olive oil, which is available in restaurants and specialised food stores, has great prospects.

According to a recent annual report of the ISD Consultant Mr. Anastasios Papathomas, Belgium annually imports about 18.000 tons of olive oil worth about 65 million euros.

The value of imported olive oil increased by 12 million euros since 2014 when olive oil worth 52 million euros was imported. At the same time, the quantity of imported olive oil in Belgium remains at approximately the same levels since 2012.

The growing interest in the health and well-being is expected to affect the consumption of oils and fats in Belgium in the coming years. The Greek share is almost 4%, Spain almost 50%, Italy about 22%, while the “small” (with a production of about 2 thousand tons) France is doing very well with a share of 1.5%.

Greek wines have also good prospects, which in the past years have been significantly promoted with a number of tastings. Belgium imports wine worth 1 billion a year as it lacks in local production.

Further development of Greek food and beverage exports depends on the ability to penetrate large retail food chains in Belgium.

The consolidation of the Mediterranean diet worldwide as beneficial for our health but also the familiarity of the Belgians with the Greek cuisine due to the tourism and the Greek restaurants in Belgium facilitate the successful penetration of the Greek products into this important market.

Greek fish, in particular sea bream and sea bass, are heavily imported and have very good prospects in the Belgian market.

Professionals who will be invited to participate

Importers, supermarket buyers, food servers, deli shops, large restaurants, media representatives, journalists, and bloggers.

The minimum number of buyers who will participate in the Workshop is estimated at 30.


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