DUBAI: The gateway to a 1 billion consumers

Business meetings between Greek export companies and buyers from the United Arab Emirates will take place in May 2021.

The Emirate of Dubai is the business center of the UAE.

One of the most important shopping/trade hubs in the world

It is the gateway to a market of more than 1 billion consumers, covering the Commonwealth of Independent States, East Africa, Asia, the Middle East, including the major emerging markets of Iran and Iraq.

Characteristics of the UAE which differentiate them from other neighboring markets
  • The UAE continue to enjoy the benefits of being a safe haven in an unstable regional environment for trade and investment
  • Dubai continues to expand its role as a hub for wholesale and retail in the UAE, Middle East, South Asia, North and East Africa
  • The most liberal economic environment in the wider Middle East
  • The concentration of power/trade in the hands of a few dozen Business Groups and the business activity of officials of the country
  • The high income level of households
  • Limited domestic production
  • The application of new technologies
  • The concentration of retail trade within huge shopping malls
  • The ever-increasing inbound tourism
  • The modern transport network (airports, ports)
  • The highly developed telecommunications sector
  • The western way of life
  • The very low crime rate
The food and beverage market
  • UAE is 80% dependent on food imports to meet its nutritional needs.
  • It has an increased need to import fresh produce.
  • Food consumption increases by 12% per year.
  • The main suppliers of imports are Europe and Asia, which make up 80% of food imports.
  • 85% market share is controlled by the big Super Markets
  • The remaining 15% of the food market is distributed through small neighborhood outlets.
Professionals who will be invited to participate

Importers, supermarket buyers, food servers, deli shops, large restaurants, media representatives, journalists, and bloggers.

The minimum number of buyers who will participate in the Workshop is estimated at 30.


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