FRANCE: 208 million euros from exports in 2018

A dynamic and growing market for Greek products

Online B2B meetings between Greek export companies and buyers from France will take place on April 2021.

The event is part of the strategic plan of Tourism Media & Events which organises international Workshops since 2004 under the auspices of the Ministry of Rural Development and the Embassy of Greece in France.


The French market

  • France has a population of almost 67 million people
  • It is the 6th largest economy based on GDP
  • 524,000 French tourists visited Greece in 2018
  • 208 million euros were gained from Greek exports to France in 2018
  • France is among the TOP 12 European countries that import Greek products and have the best growth prospects, regardless of quantities, according to a recent survey by Global Greece *
Household preferences and consumption habits *

French consumers are particularly interested in the quality of the products they consume, while they are increasingly looking for healthier and local products.

Criteria which determine the stores French consumers use for purchases:

  • Quality 37%
  • Saving time 24%
  • Pleasure 21%
  • Prices 17%
Greek food & growth prospects in France *

The food industry is a sector with significant potential in the French market.

According to 2018 data, the position of selected Greek products in terms of exports is as follows:

  • Olive oil in 8th place
  • Feta in 6th place
  • Cheeses in 7th place
  • Bakery products, cookies, in 8th place
  • Honey in 2nd place
  • Compotes in 2nd place
  • Yogurt in 6th place
  • Jams & pastries in 9th place
  • Wine in 3rd place
  • Fish fillets in 2nd place
  • Fresh fish in 3rd place
  • Frozen fish in 8th place
  • Pickles in 16th place
  • Various pre-prepared vegetable in 5th place
  • Sauces and condiments in 8th place
  • Ouzo in 9th place

Greek food products are of very high quality, thanks to the favorable climate and the significant biodiversity of our country.

They meet modern consumer demands, especially those of French consumers, who are looking for products that are not only beneficial to health and have superior quality and taste, but also adopt responsible production methods that respect the environment, such as the organic products.

Sales promotion networks with significant growth prospects focus on retail chains, organic stores, and delicatessens.

Prices vary according to specific characteristics that add value to the product: (1) organic, (2)

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

These characteristics potentially constitute the driving force for Greek food products. Additionally, organic products and delicacies are addressed to a consumer of high educational level with increased purchasing power, who do not base their choice strictly on the price.

Critical elements for successful penetration in the French market are the promotion of the product through an elegant packaging and label, the correct placement, as well as the targeted promotion.

Professionals who will be invited to participate

Importers, supermarket buyers, food servers, deli shops, large restaurants, media representatives, journalists, and bloggers.

The minimum number of buyers who will participate in the Workshop is estimated at 30.

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