Poland: Central Europe’s success story

Online B2B meetings between Greek export companies and buyers from Poland will take place on 08-10/12/2020.

The Polish market
  • The 8th largest economy in the European Union.
  • 38.5 million potential consumers.
  • One of the fastest growing economic growth rates in Europe.
  • Strong domestic market, low private debt and monetary flexibility
  • Inflation 2% in 2017
  • Total GDP in 2016 at 425 billion Euros and GDP/head at 11,000 Euros.
  • Private consumption is moving upwards, in 2017 (+ 3.9%) and in 2018 (+ 2.9%).
  • Total GDP in 2016 at 425 billion Euros and GDP/head at 11,000 Euros.
  • Greece’s exports to Poland increased by 80% in the period 2009-2018, reaching 460 million euros!
Poles’ shopping habits *
  • Poles do not like big/mass markets.
  • They prefer to buy on a daily basis up to ten products from the (small) store in the neighborhood.
  • In large supermarkets, most customers make purchases worth up to 100 Zlotys (approximately € 25) during the week.
  • There is a growing trend for packaged foods as they easily fit into the busy lifestyles of many Poles.
  • 43% of Poles are busy and eat ready-to-eat, frozen meals. This sector is growing at about 3% per year and is expected to reach about $ 443 million by 2019.
  • Private label products: Poles spend around € 5 billion each year on retail private label products, especially FMCG products (25% of the above amount).
The position of Greek products in terms of exports (data 2018)
  • Cheeses in 9th place
  • Olives in 10th place
  • Jams & pastries in 8th place
  • Compotes in 6th place
  • Tomatoes, fruits preserved & frozen in 5th place
  • Citrus fruits, apricots, cherries & peaches in 3rd place
  • Asparagus in 10th place
  • Grapes in 6th place
New trends in food consumption for the coming years *

In the coming years, the food industry is expected to gain momentum in:

  • dietary products
  • organic products,
  • gluten-free products and
  • products available through delicatessen stores
Greek products with the prospect for increased exports to Poland
  • PDO – PGI products
  • Organic products
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Fish fillets and other fish
  • Wine
  • Cheeses
  • Specialty foods
  • Ready meals
Professionals who will be invited to participate

Importers, supermarket buyers, food servers, deli shops, large restaurants, media representatives, journalists, and bloggers.

The minimum number of buyers who will participate in the Workshop is estimated at 30.


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